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Build your application faster & better with Revelator's API for Rights & Royalties.

See why BandLab, RapChat, Coverz and others scaled their businesses with Revelator's API for Rights & Royalties.

Easily access all contract and royalty accounting endpoints with the Revelator API. You can automatically generate statements in the cloud to simplify your business. 

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Build faster & better with Revelator's API



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"Revelator has been a powerful tool for us that enables us to look at streaming and sales data in one clean dashboard and gives us the ability to easily cut that data up in a number of ways."

Zach Gershen

Managing Director

"By partnering with Revelator, we have reduced time taken to deliver assets to DSPs by 70%. We now have a simple, more efficient platform to deliver content and improve operations."

Jonny Woolf, COO/CFO


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