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Revenue BI is the only financial reporting platform in the music industry.

With Revelator's Revenue BI, you can dive into your data to predict revenue trends, accelerate financial analysis, make informed investment decisions, and understand your catalog valuation.

Key insights in Revenue BI:

      • Revenue Per Stream (RPS) Analytics: View RPS trend lines by months and year across your entire dataset. Access historical data to measure how RPS changes year on year and filter by specific DSP or country to quickly drill into the specific subset of RPS data.
      • Revenue Analytics: Analyze revenue trends across your entire catalog and assess the value of specific catalog assets. Easily drill down into movements in revenue by DSP, storefront, country and revenue source. Attribute revenue growth to a specific market, DSP or delivery type.
      • Historical Revenue: Access historical data to easily find your best and worst performing months and understand the long-term revenue trends for your catalog, by DSPs and geography.
      • Catalog Analytics: Find the key releases in your catalog by revenue. Quickly analyze revenue composition by Label, Artist or Release to understand the primary revenue drivers in your catalog and the revenue movements for a given period.
      • Geo Revenue Analytics: View revenue composition by country. Quickly assess your highest grossing markets, understand local movements in revenue and market share by DSP in each territory. 


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"Revelator has been a great partner in helping us with our data visibility, giving us the ability to do high-level trend analysis and make smarter decisions on behalf of our roster of artists."

Zack Gershon

Managing Director, mtheory

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